Auditorium Seating MS002

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002 konferans koltuğu
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Back and Seat Sponges
MS 002 Conference seat Back and Seat units are manufactured from water-based polyurethane material with internal metal carcass, in 55 Kg / m3 (ISO845) density, in accordance with international non-flammability (ISO3795) and permanent defermosis (ISO1856) standards.
Back and Seat Units
MS 002 Conference seat The back and seat units taken from hearts are covered with fabric. When the seat unit is out of use,
It can be closed with internal spring system.
Plastic Caps
MS 002 Conference seat. Injection-resistant Plastic Covers are integrated behind the back and seat units, which are covered with fabric.
MS 002 Conference chair Resistance to friction, 180-200 gr / m2 weight, friction fastness.
100% polyester fabrics are used over 30,000 cycles.
MS 002 Conference seat Interior metal carcass, fabric upholstered decorative wooden box is used on the rails. Fully cloth covered
Injection Plastic armrest unit is integrated on the armrests.
Support Legs and Metal Body
MS 002 Conference seat The back and seat covers are built on specially shaped double steel profile carrier legs. Metal body
Welding operations are carried out with gas arc welding and a continuous welding system is applied at the joints. All metal parts are painted with electrostatic powder paint of 80 micron ± 10 thickness.